Liv at Tor's end of school year party '08-'09

Liv did great beforehand but then it was hot inside the building and the heat tired her out, but she was fine at the playground :).

Here she was last year.

Tor celebrating with his brother Jack

Click here to see a pic from last years party

Tor won the 2009 Rhyme Lover Award

This year Tor was presented with the Rhyme Lover Award by his teachers. He really does love rhymes.

(Two years ago Jack got the Paper Cutting Lover award and last year he got the Best Bicycle Rider award.)

I love the awards my kids get. Fits them perfectly.

Tor's first day & his last day of school '08-'09

Tor was so excited his first day of school last year. He got to join the 3 & 4 year olds. He was the only 3 year old but he knew almost all the 4 year olds because they were the 3's when Jack was a 4. Tor had already been playing with them on play dates with Jack.

Here Tor is the first day last September.

On the last day of school they did their show. Tor sang the Triangle song. (Jack sang the Square song with his class two years ago.) The kids ended up singing all the shape songs. They were great!

Jack's magic wand

I bought Jack a magic wand in a Rite-Aid in Mississippi right after I found out I was pregnant with Liv. Jack loves the wand. He tells everyone that I snuck it on the plane to bring it home because it has liquid in it and you can't take liquid on a plane. I actually just put it in the suitcase and hoped it didn't explode :). So we have had this wand almost 2 years. The kids fight over it, they play with it, it WAS a great toy.

Today someone left it on the kitchen tiles and Tor didn't see it and stepped on it breaking it in two. Jack was inconsolable. He understood it was an accident but he loved this toy. To try and calm him down I said I would look on the internet for it. I searched Google, Google images, The Find and eBay with all sorts of keywords. I found way more than kids toys with the search term magic wand :).

It took me almost half an hour but I found it. Jack's was the wand with the blue ball on one end and the orange ball on the other. Good enough price that I got one for all three of them. Livi will just grow into hers.

Am I good or am I good? :).




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Liv after her shower

Mother's Day bedtime

Jack reads to Tor every evening before I read to the both of them. It is so sweet.

Me & my kids on Mother's Day 2009

We had a great time today. The kids and Brian took me to Legal Seafood for lunch then we played outside in our backyard and grilled chicken on the deck for dinner. Nice day.

The bracelet Tor made me for Mother's Day

I love my new bracelet. Sort of reminds me of Wonder Woman's bullet blocking bracelets. I look just like Lynda Carter right? hehehe.

Print plate for Mother's Day from the kids

Keisha helped the kids make this plate for me for Mother's Day.

It was similar to one we made before.

Flowers from Jack

This morning Jack found a Marigold sprout outside. He uprooted it and brought it in for Daddy to replant in a cup for our windowsill. He was so excited when he gave it to me. He told me all about how he was careful with the roots and what about it helped identify it as a marigold :).

He also gave me a plant for Mother's Day that he ordered for me at his school. I love it.

Homemade Mother's Day cards from Jack

Notes from Jack's Mom

Jack's school did the coolest thing. They had Jack draw a picture of himself with me and they turned them into note cards. He came home with a beautifully wrapped present on Friday and he gave it to me today and they were these cards. There are about 50 of them in all different colors :). Wow.

Tor's Mother's Day Card 2009

Tor is in the same preschool class that Jack was in last year and the year before. This is Tor's Mother's Day card he made for me at at school.

Here is Jack's from two years ago and from last year. Now that I have three kids my favorite drink has apparently changed from drinking tea and water or bubble water right to just wine :).