Jack & Madison

Jack had another dentist appointment today so I walked into the community house after school to pick him up. I walked into the gym and he was sitting in a chair with his back to me playing a hand held video game. Next to him was an adorable blonde curly haired girl. She was sitting next to him with one arm around him on the back of his chair and her legs curled up next to her leaning over with her head on his shoulder. It was the sweetest thing. If he didn't have an appointment I would have turned around and picked up Tor first.

So instead I went and got his rain coat and his backpack and checked him out of the program. I walked back and from the front they were even cuter. I totally flashed forward about 10 years. I asked him what his friend's name was and he said he didn't know, so I asked her. My gosh was she sweet and she had such pretty blue eyes :). So I introduced them. Jack told her bye and happily skipped away to go get Tor :). Oblivious. Such a guy already :).

Miss Manners on gift opening at parties

When we were kids, we opened gifts at our birthday parties. The party came to a grinding halt while the birthday boy or birthday girl opened presents. It was fun if you were the gift getter, not so much if you wanted to run and play and continue with the party.

Here in NY most kids have parties somewhere other than the house. The gifts are dropped off in a bin or a table and then moved directly to the car after the party. It is just the way it is. Time is money -- parents are paying by the hour for these party locations. At first it seemed weird but I actually like it better. There isn't worry your gift isn't as good or embarrassment if no one likes it. Plus the party remains fun.

Turns out Miss Manners believes that is the way it should be. In a recent column she said she "considers killing the public opening to be a mercy." She also "commends those who have noticed the problem and taken the step of abolishing the public show."

Thanks Miss Manners :).

Jason Calacanis: This Week In Startups (TWIST)

On the last day of Brian's L.A. trip, he was interviewed on the first episode of Jason Calacanis' new show, This Week In Startups (TWIST). Here is an iTunes link to the full video show. They talked about the Weblogs, Inc. days, Blogsmith, TMZ, Engadget, Autoblog, Joystiq and Netscape. Brian explained what Crowd Fusion does, what a powerful CMS it is and they took live audience questions via #twist on Twitter.

I really like the love Jason and Brian have for each other. I thought Brian looked great, but I'm a little biased. (Jason looked great too and so did that news guy, he was kinda hot.)

Jack's busy Little League weekend

On Friday evening we went to the middle school for Jack's Little League parade. It was a lot of fun. First they had the parade lead by the HS Marching Band, then a couple of speeches, the first pitch of the season and finally hot dogs and hamburgers. Yum.

Saturday morning we got to the middle school just in time for his team pics. I ordered a baseball card with his pic. I think it will be so cool. Jack had white baseball pants and I didn't let him run on the dirt mounds before the pics. After the pics he had a great time.

Then we headed down to the fields and played ball. Jack played right field, third and first. He had three at bats. The first two times he got out at first but the third time he got on base! With the next batter he made it to second. The third hitter hit it close to third so he got out, but he was pretty excited. It was a great day.

Tor was really good during the game so they got to play on the playground after. Jack got his white pants more dirty there than on the baseball field :).

Check out the pics here.

Liv searching for Easter eggs 2009

Tor searching for Easter eggs 2009

Jack searching for Easter eggs 2009

Egg Hunt 2009 -- Ready, set...

Liv with her Easter Eggs

Liv didn't get to play with the real eggs this year. Here she is with her Easter eggs.

Greek Easter egg game

At Easter we play an Easter Egg game. In this traditional game each person picks their egg and then the first person hits his egg against another person's egg. The winner (unbroken egg) hits his egg against another person's egg until there is only one person with an unbroken egg. That person is said to have good luck. Some tricks are to try and convince the next person to let you hit your pointy side against their bigger side, to try and hit on the side of the other person's egg as you are coming down, and on and on and on. There is no real trick that works except for painting your red egg with red nail polish. That works :). Hehehe, it is also cheating. My mom painted our red eggs with red nail polish one year and we beat all our cousins. Hahahaha. They were not really thrilled when they found out about the nail polish. Oh well, it was a really fun Easter for me and Georgie :).

Here the boys are with the egg they each picked.

Usually the game isn't played correctly because kids do not like to lose. Imagine that. So lots of eggs end up being broken by each kid. The rule is if you lose, you need to eat your egg. If you don't eat your eggs you can't play anymore.

Easter eggs 2009

Jack carrying Tor at Legal on Easter

Our Kids on Easter 2009

Mama & Jack at Legal for Easter

Daddy & the boys at Legal for Easter