American Easter at Legal Seafood

The Easter bunny brought the boys Easter Lillies and Easter M&M's this year. The kids were really excited about both. We spent the morning dying our Easter eggs and then we went to Legal Seafood for lunch. Here are some individual shots.

Today is my Mom's name day

So right now I am sitting on Jack's bed watching Tor play on the computer. He is playing Nick Jr., games. Barkley is sitting next to me because she loves me and is worried about me. Brian came up and asked if I was doing ok because today is my Mom's name day and I burst into tears. That is why I am not so into Greek Easter this year. My mom's name was Anastasia which means resurrection in Greek. Easter is her name day. Every Holy Saturday night we would go to church and at the stroke of midnight we would try to be the first one to wish mom a happy name day. Name days are just as important, if not more important, than birthdays. For instance my grandparents didn't know their birthdays when they immigrated to the US, they only knew their name days.

Last year Greek Easter was only 11 days after my Mom died. I guess I was still on shock. Plus I was very pregnant with Liv and my doctor advised me not to get myself too upset because it wouldn't be good for the baby. I sort of laughed at him when he told me that.

This must be why it is hitting me really hard this year and why I didn't really get excited about Greek Easter/my mom's name day, this year.

I called my Dad this morning to wish him a Xristos Anesti. He just called me back. He was at the cemetery visiting mom. We could barely talk on the phone we were both crying so much. Man, I didn't want her to die. She was my Mom. We didn't get a long very well but gosh she was my Mom. Ugh. Does this ever get better? Losing a parent is more difficult than I ever thought it would be.

Happy Greek Easter

From the Easter BunnyXristos Anesti! Today is Greek Easter. Yay.

I didn't dye my red eggs this year or make Tsoureki. I am not sure why. Just didn't. Traditionally we dye our eggs red on Thursday because that is the day Christ was crucified and the red represents his blood. On Good Friday we make the bread and then we either eat it at midnight last night (when He rises) or first thing in the morning today. Maybe I will make some later.

We are going to have Lamb and Greek Potatoes later. Works out well this year because Brian can't chew meat anyway yet. He hates lamb so I would have had to make something else. Instead he can just have soup. The kids and I LOVE lamb :).

Anyway, Happy Easter to all my Greek family and Friends!

Liv's twitterbirth a year ago

This is what I was doing a year ago today, and this is what I looked like.

This was the result. What a beautiful result :). sucks!

Let me start off by saying I am a big fan of The New York Post. It shows up in a red bag on my driveway every morning and has for the past 10.5 years, the same amount of time I have lived in NY. When I go on vacation I even buy copies of it because I donate the ones I am missing at home to the schools. BUT, SUCKS and the following is an example of why.

I read a column by Phil Mushnick in Sunday's New York Post that I liked. It was about President Obama's Special Olympics "joke" on Jay Leno. I put the hard copy on Brian's desk to read and then this morning I searched for it to link to it on Facebook and Twitter and to send around to my friends. Well guess what? Search on is broken.

First I went to the site and used their Yahoo powered search box. I typed in Phil Mushnick and chose to do a "recent" search and got back 2 results. Neither result was the right article. Then I tried the archives. No luck. To make matters worse, when you go to do another search the search box has a giant Yahoo logo in the background and you can't read what you are typing. How idiotic. Then I tried the full web search option. Not there either. There were, however, many articles on other sites on how Phil Mushnick sucks.

Okay so then I clicked on the Sports tab and clicked on the Columnists link. I got a page that listed just the most recent column from each columnist. Another dead end. His name and picture aren't clickable and the only link "more" takes you to his most recent column and gives you no way to read any of his other columns.

Then I gave up on Yahoo and the and went to Google. I searched under "Phil Mushnick," under "Phil Mushnick, Special Olympics" and anything else I could think of and again nothing. I found plenty of links to people complaining about the article I was searching for but even they didn't link to it because they probably could not find it either.

This isn't the first time has driven me crazy trying to find an article that I have sitting in front of me in the newspaper.

As awful as this was, finding something from Page Six online is even worse. Page Six was the original gossip column. No wonder TMZ is killing them. TMZ *is* searchable.

UPDATE: When I was retracing my steps I found a drop down menu that didn't appear for me the first time I clicked the columnists link. The menu only appears if you wait a second or two with your mouse over the word columnist. Who would do that? The drop down menu lists each columnist and if you click their name, you get a list of all their articles. Unreal how hidden this is.

So here is the article but I am so pissed off that it took me a while this morning and then again this evening to find it that I am not linking to it anywhere except here :). Not Twitter, not Facebook and not in email. What a terrible experience.

UPDATE 2: Sometimes when the columnists drop down appears, it has black text on a black background. WTF? I am using Firefox on Windows. It isn't like I am using an obscure Mac browser. Ugh.

Liv Marie is turning 1

Wow, Liv is going to be one in a little over a week. Amazing. She is such a good baby. We are all so lucky to have her in our lives. We almost didn't. She was just meant to be.

For Jack's 1st birthday we had a big party at our old house. For Tor's 1st birthday Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Noel came over and we all went to Yankee Stadium and they wished him a happy birthday on the big screen. When we came home we had cupcakes.

This year we decided to have a small 1st birthday party here at the house on her birthday with Jack and Tor's close friends and their younger siblings. Of course she will have a giraffe themed party :). It should be lots of fun.

I am so tired

I am tired because I have not been sleeping well this week because of the anniversary of my mother's death and her upcoming memorial. I only slept about 3 hours last night and have been crying most of the morning. I am just so tired. I am not just tired from lack of sleep I am tired because I am filled with so many emotions and I am so confused. My brain hurts.

My mom and I had a very complicated relationship. It is difficult to describe or explain and no one really gets it even after I explain EVERYTHING. No matter what happened she was still my mother. She stayed at home and raised me. She was a huge part of my life and now she is gone. It is difficult for me to comprehend that is is over, yet it will never be over. It is so fucking complicated. So I am sad but I am also so angry. Fucking Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. When am I going to get to the acceptance stage? Seriously. Whenever I am there and I think it is all ok something sucks me back into one of the other stages. Well not the bargaining, never had a problem with that stage :).

Ugg. What a mess.

My Mom died a year ago today

A year ago today I found out my mother died. She died two weeks before Liv was born. As a result this has been one of the worst years of my life yet also one of the best years of my life. It is complicated, which is a fitting word because it is the perfect word to describe my relationship with my mother.


[kom-pli-key-tid] –adjective

  1. composed of elaborately interconnected parts; complex: complicated apparatus for measuring brain functions.

  2. difficult to analyze, understand, explain, etc.: a complicated problem.

Absolutely perfect word.

I am very glad this year is over. I am tired of the Firsts. First Mother's Day without my mother; First Mother's Day with my daugther. First Christmas without my mother; First Christmas with my daughter. It was a bittersweet year.

The feelings that I can only describe as akin to jealousy have also subsided. For a long time when someone mentioned their mother I actually felt pain deep inside me. It hurt to hear about other people's mothers when I no longer had a mother. It was unlike anything I have ever felt before. I did NOT like the feeling at all. But I no longer react that way, so that is an improvement.

I am going down to Clearwater with Liv for my mother's year memorial on Sunday. My Dad and brother will be there along with a lot of her relatives. I am not really looking forward to it, in fact I am sort of dreading it. I didn't get to go to my mother's funeral because I was so pregnant. It is just all so complicated.

Smiley Girl

Livi Cruising

Liv eating dinner

Jack jumping at Graham's party

Tor sack jumping at Graham's party

25 Random Things About Me

  1. English was not my first language, Greek was. My parents sent me to Kindergarten not knowing a word of English.
  2. My best friend Nanette introduced me via email to her nephew Brian who she thought was perfect for me. I corresponded with Brian via e-mail and an occasional phone call for 4 months before we met. Nanatte was right!
  3. I have a BA in Mass Comm and a BS in Nursing.
  4. I was an overnight DJ at a Catholic radio station in college --  WBVM, The Voice of Mary. My boss called me while I was on air several times to tell me to stop talking so sexy.
  5. I only wanted to have boys. I didn't think I wanted girls. I was so happy to have 2 boys. Now I can't imagine life without Liv.
  6. I am extremely good at drawing blood and starting IV's. Like scary good. Even on newborns (I am a peds nurse).
  7. I am a great cook but a horrible baker. Cooking is all about "feel", baking involves strict adherence to recipes and measurements.
  8. I am addicted to advice columns.
  9. My grandmother was my best friend when I was a kid (she died when I was 13).
  10. I have had multiple miscarriages. I lost 6 babies before I had Jack. 4 babies before I had Tor and no babies before I had Liv. I knew I wanted a lot of kids, so we just kept trying.
  11. I love to read and have carried a book around with me everywhere I go since I was in elementary school. Now I need reading glasses but I rarely use them. It isn't a vanity thing though, I just read too much and never have them with me when I need them.
  12. I love the sound of waves crashing on the beach. I just like being around water. It has a calming effect on me. Clearwater Beach is my favorite. Jack and Tor like it too.
  13. My Springer Spaniel Duncan was my favorite dog ever. I had her before Brian and the kids. I love my dogs now, but they are just dogs
  14. Brian is my soul mate we even have the same birthday.
  15. I am still best friends with the boyfriend I had when I was 19 and remain close with his family. Brian likes them all too and vice versa.
  16. Driving from CT to NYC on spring break with my parents I saw an exit sign for White Plains. I never forgot that sign and Brian ended up renting an apartment for us unbeknownst to me before we got married.
  17. I was on Romper Room with Miss June for a week when I was a kid.
  18. I was conceived in NY so I consider myself a native New Yorker :).
  19. I never thought I would have blond haired/blue or green eyed babies.
  20. When I was in college I got pulled over many many times for speeding in my red camero. I only got one ticket and that was from a woman cop. As soon as I saw her in my rearview mirror I knew I couldn't flirt my way out of it -- but that didn't stop me from trying :).
  21. My pet rock was a rock my parents took from the Acropolis in Greece. They were not going to spend good money on a rock. I still have my pet rock.
  22. Cheap Trick was my very first rock concert and they were also Jack's.
  23. I had only seen snow once before I met Brian. (Florida snow does not count).
  24. I have been to 1 Super Bowl, 3 Sugar Bowls, 3 Orange Bowls, 2 Gator Bowls, 2 Outback Bowls, 1 Fiesta bowl and 1 Citrus Bowl.
  25. My family and/or I have had season tickets to the Tampa Bay Rowdies (soccer), Florida State Football, New York Liberty (women's basketball) and the New York Yankees.

Tweets of the Week: 01/25/2009


  • At Niko's. We were in the mood for Greek food. 2:16pm
  • 2 kids sleeping. 1 kid wide awake. 10:30pm
  • 2 kids awake. 1 kid asleep. We are going the wrong way. 10:41pm
  • Looking at TWC app. Next Sunday will be the next time we are above freezing (32). One week! Time to visit Florida again. 11:08pm



  • @frankensite I think you just ass twittered! 1:10pm
  • reading a very sad book Good but sad. 1:53pm
  • @veroniquec totally read the word Flickrers wrong :). 1:56pm
  • Just cleaned the filter on my Dyson Animal. First time since we have had it. We have had it at least a year. I had no idea it was blue! 6:35pm
  • 11pm 25 degrees, standing outside barefoot, short sleeves calling for 1 of 3 dogs that did not come in. give up, turn around, she is inside 11:02pm


  • Just started snowing. 12:33am
  • Wow. Looks like about 2 inches of snow already. Glad @frankensite left yesterday and not today like he was originally scheduled. 4:23am
  • Yum. Lentil soup. Only Tor & I eat soup. Daddy & Jack refuse. Earlier I tossed out some soup I made a week ago. Should have frozen it. 4:27am
  • School just called. No school today. 5:22am
  • 3.5 inches of snow so far. Had ruler out for Jack's homework so actually measured :). 9:10am
  • @frankensite yeah, you know how much I like Springsteen, but now I am intrigued. 3:02pm
  • Just bought a Wii & a Wii Fit from Toys R Us. Now Jack can play the Mario Kart he got for his birthday! He really really loves Mario Kart. 3:08pm
  • Well, I bought it online. Jack has to wait a few more days :). 3:20pm
  • @pat212414 yes. I kept thinking someone would eat it, then I realized too many days had passed. Whoops. 3:21pm
  • Just got back from a playdate and fed kids. Salted around the car because it rained & will be all ice in the am when we take Jack to school 7:06pm


  • @veroniquec I was born in the states too but only taught Greek at home. Did not learn English until Kindergarten. My teachers taught me. 3:53am
  • Jack's school has a 2 hour delay due to icey conditions. Obama would not approve :). 5:30am
  • @cksthree I don't think it's the cap, I am nowhere close to 2000 following or followers & somehow twitter unfollowed my friend @stephfour 10:06am
  • @stephfour aw, thanks <blush> 10:08am
  • Boys in bathtub, me and Liv watching them. I am ready to pass out, kids full of energy. 7:47pm
  • Sent pics of kids to @frankensite. Jack asked, "Did you also send them to Flickr?" Why yes Jack I did :). 8:28pm


  • Since Wed my job to take jack to school. Difficult to go on time w/all 3. Wed was snow day. Thur was 2 hour delay & I made it today. Yay! 8:59am
  • On my way to Tor's school to volunteer for their Chinese New Year celebration. 11:39am
  • @doctorparadox had them on tuesday. I ordered it and it comes today! Try them. 1:58pm
  • Tor went to school for the first hour & then we came home bc he was so tired. He fell asleep on the ride home & just woke up. >2 hr nap. 3:17pm
  • @JasonCalacanis Go easy on him, he isn't used to quality man time :). JK, he is having a great time, thanks for hosting him. 8:15pm
  • @Dorie93950 he did great at the birthday party we went to from 5p-7:30p. W/o the nap he would have been out of control :).worked out well. 8:16pm


  • Liv has been saying mamamamamama or dadadadadada for a while. Today she looked at me and clearly said Mama. Woo hoo. 8:47am
  • Jack's first word was Duncan (the dog), Tor's was Dada and Liv's was Mama. Pretty cool. 8:48am
  • @cksthree your blog looks great. Love the redesign. 9:35am
  • @vagredajr George and Billy, that is exactly what I thought when I saw the news :). hehehe 9:37am
  • @cksthree really, I like it wide. no wasted space. 11:41am
  • @pat212414 i agree, it has gone fast! 11:42am
  • @bekSF funny about dogs name! 11:42am
  • @Dorie93950 he did, but he would not fall asleep at his bedtime. took him two hours to fall asleep! 11:43am
  • Just left one kids birthday party. On to the next one. 4:21pm
  • Created an email address specifically for Jack's school. It is getting heavily spammed. Lovely. 5:05pm