Jack only has pollakiuria and Brian diagnosed it first

For the past week or so Jack has been going to the bathroom A LOT. He drinks a lot so he has always gone to the bathroom a lot, but this was excessive. Over the weekend, especially Sunday it got worse, he was going to the bathroom every 10 minutes.

I was so worried. I was sure he had developed juvenile diabetes because that comes on suddenly usually starting at around the age Jack is now. Jack was displaying several of the symptoms including frequent urination, extreme thirst, fatigue, dry skin, tingling in the hands or feet and slow healing wounds. There is also a family history of diabetes and I had gestational diabetes which increases the chance of diabetes in both me and my children later in life.

I knew he didn't have a urinary track infection because he wasn't in pain and I knew he didn't have a kidney infection because he didn't have any kidney tenderness.

Being a Pediatric RN is great when you have kids but it is also scary when you have kids because you know too much and you have seen too much. I held Jack as he fell asleep last night praying he would be ok and bargaining with God to give me the diabetes and to spare him.

We had an appointment with Dr. Bomback this morning and we took some urine with us for them to test. I was worried he might not urinate there, but of course he did -- 4 times in the hour we were there.

Dr. Bomback did a thorough examination of Jack, tested the urine and even gave him a strep test. Everything was negative. He reassured me that in all the years of practice not once has he ever had a child with new onset diabetes have a negative urinalysis. Whew, that was a huge relief!

He was diagnosed with pollakiuria aka extraordinary daytime urinary frequency syndrome. Apparently the causes aren't exactly known but they think it has to do with stress or changes in the child's life a few weeks before the symptoms start. The only real change in his life is that he stopped going to school for summer break. He started camp today at the same place as his school and two of his teachers are his leaders, so maybe that will help him. He's such a good sweet kid, I just worry so much about him. I probably worry too much because of my losses. I just love him so much.

Brian is the best. While I just searched on "juvenile diabetes" last night he did a broader search and sent me the following email:
The only things I found were:

1. Diabetes, but they said he'd be drinking constantly and have
noticeable weight loss:

"Keep in mind that children with diabetes, in addition to urinating
frequently, also drink a lot and lose weight."

2. UTIs, other infections or kidney problems, but he has no pain, so
I wouldn't think it's this.

3. An interesting thing called "pollakiuria" or "frequent daytime
urination syndrome":

"An even more common cause of frequent urination, especially if your
child is between the ages of 3 and 8 years old, is pollakiuria. This
condition is also called frequent daytime urination syndrome. Children with
pollakiuria often urinate 10-30 times a day, but have no other symptoms. It
is thought to be linked to stress, although no obvious stressor is found by
most parents, and goes away without treatment after 2-3 weeks."

Another page on that:


"The urinary frequency may begin within 1 or 2 days of a stressful
event or change in the child's routine."

"Overall, this is a harmless condition that eventually goes away by
itself. If you can identify and deal with whatever is stressing your child,
his frequent urination will disappear in 1 to 4 weeks. Without treatment,
the symptom usually gets better on its own in 2 or 3 months."

This one has tips for dealing with it:


"The peak age for this problem is 4 or 5 years. These children have
already been toilet trained."

This describes it as "A 4 year old boy is brought in to your office
by his mother who is very distressed because her son is urinating very
frequently. According to his mother, he urinates every 5-10 minutes." and
says it can last 7 to 12 months:


I'm hoping it's stress-related pollakiuria!

He came up with the same diagnosis as Dr. Bomback: pollakiuria. What a smart guy I married! Now if I had just listened to him last night instead of worrying all night. But that's what moms do, worry about their babies.


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Ours went away on its own without medication. Definitely mention the flu symptoms to your pediatrician.

Posted at 5:31 AM on Sep 30, 2008 by Brian Alvey


Ah but most conditions have Greek names :). It sure helped me a lot when I was in nursing school. Oh and it helps me do well on Jeopardy :).

Posted at 3:14 PM on Jun 26, 2007 by Niki Alvey


Wow, your story is just like mine. I hope you son gets better soon. Glad my post could set your mind at ease some. It's hard being an RN and a mom :).


Posted at 10:42 PM on Jul 8, 2007 by Niki Alvey


Jack is great now. I would say that this lasted for about a month and a half maybe two months. It stopped right before his summer camp finished. So I do think it had to do with him being stressed at camp. Just a new routine and Jack doesn't do so well with change. He likes things he knows.

We just tried not to make a big deal about it and I explained to the camp nurse what was going on and to his counselors at camp and asked them not to make a big deal about it too. That seemed to help a lot. Didn't further stress him out. Sometimes it was difficult being patient like when we would go grocery shopping and he had to go 3 times, but we really tried and it just went away on its own.

I hope your son does better soon.

Posted at 2:28 AM on Mar 29, 2008 by Niki Alvey



I am glad that I helped calm your fears and that your son doesn't have diabetes either. I was terrified when Jack was going through it. I lost 10 babies to miscarriage so I am also extremely paranoid. I am so sorry you lost your son to SIDS. I can't imagine how awful that is, the miscarriages nearly did me in. Sometimes I feel bad for my kids because I am super overprotective with them.

The good news is Jack did well with camp this summer and he started Kindergarten last week and is also doing well. So it seems like just a one time thing :).

It sounds like your little one has big stressors too with his brother going away all day and now he is starting pre-school. Let me know how he is doing in a few weeks if you get a chance. Hope he feels better soon (you too).


Posted at 6:09 PM on Sep 10, 2008 by Niki Alvey


Hey Melissa,

I am a pediatric nurse and in my experience older siblings react to their new baby brothers or sisters not when they are born but when they are a few months older and the babies start to move around and respond to things. It is then that they realize that this is a baby that is going to stay.

Posted at 4:29 PM on Nov 13, 2008 by Niki Alvey


gosh that does seem like a lot for a 5 year old to cope with. I hope he feels better soon.

Posted at 11:11 AM on Feb 16, 2009 by Niki Alvey


I am glad that it can help other people too. I was so scared when Jack had it.

Posted at 4:40 PM on Mar 8, 2009 by Niki Alvey


Thanks :).

Posted at 4:41 PM on Mar 8, 2009 by Niki Alvey


Yeah maybe it was hearing about school. The thing about being an RN is you know too much :). Usually a good thing, not so good here.

Posted at 4:41 PM on Mar 8, 2009 by Niki Alvey


I am glad this post has helped a lot of people. Jack's has actually come back twice more but for only a very short time. You all helped me too because I wasn't as freaked out the next times :). Thanks.

Posted at 1:34 PM on May 14, 2009 by Niki Alvey


Wouldn't you know he'd have a condition with a Greek name? :)

Seriously, I'm glad to hear that's what it is and not diabetes. I know you must have been scared.

Posted at 1:40 PM on Jun 26, 2007 by Jo


"Wouldn't you know he'd have a condition with a Greek name? :) "

Glad it's not serious!

Happy birthday to you and Brian.

Posted at 10:51 AM on Mar 6, 2009 by zeldman


All of these comments of gratitude from people (the world over) must make all of your life-experience sharing in your blog worth it?

Posted at 7:03 AM on Mar 6, 2009 by Dorie


This is so wierd as I was looking up an explanation for my 4 year old's frequent urination. This comes in spurts and not an all day thing but very similar at times. I also am an RN and only think the worst so I am relieved to read this. My son also recently stopped his preschool for summer break but will go to a summer science program in the same school with the same teacher. this was so much like your story I had to share and say thanks.

Posted at 10:11 PM on Jul 7, 2007 by shelly kerr


My grandson is almost 5 and has developed what sounds like Pollakiuria. He has seen his doctor twice this month and she just thinks it's because hes been swimming a lot. I'm concerned that she didn't even mention Pollakiuria. My husband found this information on the internet. My grandson has an appointment to see a pediatric urologist in 2 weeks. I have read the suggestions above and these are all the things we are doing at this time. I think the stress angle is what is happening as my grandson and daughter moved into their own house in February after living with us since he was born. My grandson is supposed to start school in September and I'm worried how a teacher handles this situation. Your article was helpful.

Posted at 8:42 AM on Jul 15, 2007 by Pam L.


My son has the same thing. Also - school is out for the summer. He took swimming lessons for the first 2 weeks - which he was not too happy about. Then a week ago he started with having to pee a lot - which coincided with us taking a 4-hour car trip!! Anyway - all tests have come back negative however the problem persists. It seems to be whenever we are leaving the house to go anywhere. As soon as we start driving he says he needs to pee. Also while we are out he is constantly saying he needs to pee. If we can keep his mind off it he seems better - and at home I don't notice it nearly as much. He is seeing his doctor tomorrow but to me it sounds like pollakiuria - he is the right age and the symptoms match. It is hard to deal with though - we are almost afraid to leave home! I am hoping that it resolves itself before school starts up again in September. It'stoo bad that others are going through the same thing - but it did help me to read your comments. Funny that we all seem to have it happening at the same time of year. I almost think that maybe my son misses the routine of school.

Posted at 7:28 PM on Jul 29, 2007 by Reed


my son was just seen by pediatric urologist and diagnosed with pollakiurea.Even though he said it's usually self resolving he did give him a prescription for Detrol LA (usually given to adults) because he was part of study that evaluated use of this medication in children with this condition.I was wondering if anyone else had used this medication for their child and with what results?

Posted at 6:40 PM on Aug 2, 2007 by lana


Dear Niki, Thank you for posting this information. It is so helpful. My son is nearly 8 and is experiencing this .... I would be very interested to hear how Jack is and if you have any tips on how to help them get out of this situation.
Many thanks,

Posted at 12:56 AM on Mar 9, 2008 by yumi


This past week I noticed my 4 year old daughter doing the same thing. She has been a big water drinker but her going to the bathroom became excessive and of course had no pain or discomfort so I too ruled out UTI. Although I'm not a nurse I did go to nursing school so I did think of diabetes (as I layed in bed last...worrying). When I logged onto the computer this morning and did some more research I saw that she didn't really fit the other symptoms - no weight loss or fatigue etc. and then I came across pollakiuria and did further research on that (and also found your blog post). (sigh) I feel so much better now. I too think this is what my sweet little Emma has. She just started preschool a couple weeks ago and she is EXTREMELY shy so I know it has been stressful for her (plus we moved a month and a half ago) so she's had lots of changes. Thanks for letting me know not to make a big deal of 'how often' she goes. I'm sure it will clear on it's own like your little Jack's did. Whew!

Posted at 7:53 AM on Sep 6, 2008 by Bethany


I know that this was posted over a year ago, but it seems that you stated every single thing that I have thought about my son. I'm serious - every word you said above is exactly what I am thinking and feeling and going through. Urinalysis turned up negative for anything and no diabetes either. I am assuming the stressor to bring this on is that his 6 year old brother just started school (going all day now) last week and he is starting pre-school and is very anxious. For such an easy going kid, this surprises me and he is such a sweetheart that it literally tears my heart out to think that something could be wrong. Of course, I lost a son to SIDS and I am over paranoid, which does not help the situation. Thank you for your insight and for calming my fears!

Posted at 6:54 AM on Sep 9, 2008 by Jennifer Pfeifle


My son is 4 years old and I believe he has pollakiuria. The symptoms started about two weeks after he started preschool. His pediatrician called it an overactive bladder and prescribed oxybutynin for him. He has been taking this medication for four days and has had flu-like symptoms for two of those days, which I researched and found out are symptoms of taking this medication. I'm wondering if any of your children took medication to help with this condition or did it just go away on its own? I just don't know if I should keep having him take the medication.

Posted at 9:35 PM on Sep 25, 2008 by Lucille


Wow, not only have you reassured me about the condition my son possibly has, but you have also confirmed that I am not the only mother who loses sleep worrying about how much her 4 year old has to pee! My son turned 4 about a month ago and for the past week he has been peeing almost non-stop. Even through Halloween, he quit trick-or-treating early just to come home and go to the washroom and didn't want to go back out. A urinalysis has come back -ve and I even had spare ammoxicillin in my cupboard from an ear infection prior and started to give him that so we could maybe speed up the process and bypass the pain. Pain never came so I stopped the antibiotics after three days. Last night I kept myself and my husband awake by rambling out loud the readings from a children's medical book about diabetes and even leukemia. To think that the whole reason is because of a new event like starting school a month ago or his grandparents coming to visit. What a hugh sigh of relief. Thank you for posting this!

Posted at 3:10 PM on Nov 5, 2008 by Anonymous


This sounds like it could answer a lot for me! I took my just turned 5 year old daughter to the doctor a couple of days ago because I thought she was developing a UTI. All of the sudden she started going to the toilet a lot, even her teacher expressed some concern! The doctor ruled UTI and diabetes out and seemed to think it might be for attention. I spoke to her teacher who does not agree! After reading all these comments it definitely sounds like she has pollakiuria!

Posted at 1:48 PM on Jan 29, 2009 by Anonymous


Hi! I have a 6 year old daughter that has very similar symptoms to what has been described above. However, when she had a dipstick (urine analysis) they said that she had red blood cells in her urine too. No WBC so no infection. Her symptoms have been going on for about 7 weeks now. I can't think of any obvious stressors, but what we see as stress may be different than what they see. Did any of the kids have frequency during the night? My daughter has problems getting to sleep then can sleep through the night. The RBC are my concern so any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

Posted at 4:41 PM on Mar 10, 2009 by Anonymous


I too am glad I found this site. My 3yr is has this for the SECOND time!! It breaks my heart when he stands in front of the toilet for 20 minutes crying that he has to pee. The only thing that makes him stop is DISTRACTION!! He is fine outside playing or going out...it is when he is home doing nothing. Starts the minute he wakes up! He just had sinus surgery so I think that caused it this time. The first time was an allergy dot test. This poor kid. I hope this doesn't happen his entire life. Has you son's problem returned?

Posted at 5:09 AM on May 14, 2009 by Anonymous



I went through this twice with my 3 year old son....it is HORRIBLE and HEARTBREAKING. But, it does go away. May take a month, but it does go away. Let your daughter go as many times as needed...dont stress her out more than she already is. Anxiety and stress is causing this in the first place. Make her feel comfortable and keep reassuring her that everything is OK...something is bothering her. It is easy for me to tell you this now because my sons has stopped (For good this time). I know its tough...but it will get better.

Posted at 9:25 AM on Jun 26, 2009 by Anonymous


My daughter also started with frequent trips the bathroom. I also had her urine tested for a UTI and diabetes. I was nervous she had diabetes but she doesn't. About 1 month ago she was diagnosed with celiacs disease and has to eat gluten free. That means no more cookies, bread, cake, and a lot of foods that she loves. I think this is what brought it on. I have a lot of trouble getting her to relax to go to bed. She gets up and down up and down and gets very frustrated. I even had an ultra sound of her bladder. Everything seems to be fine. I was worried I would have to change her diet again if she had diabetes. What a horrible week of worrying until all the tests were done. I really feel she has pollakiuria and I hope this stops for her soon. Enough is enough!!

Posted at 3:21 PM on Jun 29, 2009 by Anonymous


thanks for all these comments they have helped me heaps. I was at a real loss as my dr told me the reasons for my 4 year daughters constant urination was only behavourial and I didnt know really how to help her out.She has been like this for 2 weeks now. I was getting very distressed as she is going every 5 - 10 - 20 mins and very, very upset at night time. Her teachers at kindy have noticed this and it's affecting all our lives as we are worrying so much. thank goodness for the internet as i can now see what she has and how we can help her.

Posted at 8:07 AM on Sep 24, 2009 by Anonymous


Dear Nikki,
I wonder how did you manage the problem while your son attended the school.
We are living in the UK, and our daughter is going through
a similar experience right now. She will be 5 yrs
old in a few weeks, just started her school in September. We are thinking about
a possibility of reducing her attendence hours to perhaps half-day or so.
We are also thinking of using nappies. Could you please share your experience
in those maters, if any relevant.

Posted at 9:57 AM on Oct 29, 2009 by Anonymous


Thank you so much for these posts. My son is 7 and he started the frequent urination in Sept right after he started first grade. He complains that he is wet when he isn't and he runs to the bathroom many times in the night right before bed. He sleeps thru the night fine, and then has a slight issue getting dressed in the am. We have taken him to neurologist, psychiatrist and his regular MD to rule out issues. The pyschiatrist wants to put him on zoloft, but we are very hesitant to do this. He has had a month of no issues and last night it came back. I am praying this is just a phase and he will grow out of it. It is really hard to watch your child go through this.

Reading your experiences help me to see their is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you.

Posted at 9:01 AM on Nov 3, 2009 by Anonymous


I'm fortunate to wander along and find this forum. My daughter who is 9, has developed an urge to urinate pretty much all day. After a visit to her pediatrician, her urine tests came out negative for diabetes and UTI. The doctor "thinks" it maybe be Extraordinary Frequency Urination Syndrome. Its been 2 weeks now and it hasn't gotten better or worst. My daughter has been very worried about it and keep asking me if its normal. I reply by reassuring her that she will get over it in a matter of time and to not worry about it so much because many kids get it. In the meanwhile, I'd been trying to keep her bladder healthy by having her drink plenty of water, as well as unsweetened blueberry/cranberry juice. Also taking Vitamin C.

I see that many of you on this forum is experiencing the same kind of difficulty seeing your child go thru this. My thoughts and prayers for all of us to get thru this...

Posted at 11:22 AM on Nov 24, 2009 by Anonymous


My five-year-old is experiencing the same thing, and the urine test showed no infection/no glucose. I am taking advantage of his love of electronics and his competitive nature to try to "retrain" his voiding impulse: I gave him my digital kitchen timer and asked HIM to put thirty minutes on it, to see if he could wait. He was able to do it, and was excited at entering forty minutes, and so on. We are now up to two hours. He is enjoying the challenge, yelling, "Time to pee!" when he hears the beeping. LOL He is fully aware that the timer can be reset if he feels he absolutely can't hold it. (Surprisingly, that has never happened.) I am also working hard to incorporate foods that encourage soft, regular stools, as the pediatrician and I believe that the straining associated with constipation has triggered this episode. My goal is to get him to three hours before school begins after the holiday break. I believe this is working because we are keeping it positive and fun and are giving HIM control of the timer. It is showing him, as mentioned above, the true normal capacity of his bladder. I plan to ask my son to try the suggestion cited above -- to count slowly to ten and give a final try, as my son has complained that it feels like he hasn't finished after urinating. That might just do the trick. Thanks for this post and to all who shared their experiences! Best of luck to all. -Lisa R.

Posted at 10:07 AM on Dec 30, 2009 by Anonymous


This is a wonderful resource for all those troubled parents out there! My son, who is now 7, has gone through these exact symptoms on and off since he was 3. Each time, the symptoms last anywhere from a week to several months. Looking back, I can pretty much come up with some sort of stressor or concern (even minor) that was going on in his life at the time. Like other parents have expressed, it was absolutely heart-breaking and concerning to see him go through it. I did take him to the doctor when it first started and he said it was "behavioral" related -- didn't mention pollakiuria. I learned about that later through web search. This doctor DID say, though, to try to discourage him from going so often. He said that the continual peeing was perpetuating the problem because urine is very acidic and each time it goes through the urethra it interferes with the natural lubrication causing irritation and the sensation to pee again. As all of you know, it's extremely difficult to discourage, let alone prevent, a child from peeing when they "gotta go!" I did come up with some creative ways -- distractions, games (i.e. "let's see if we can wait 30 minutes this time" and set a timer), etc. It did seem to help clear up the problem a couple times. All and all though, I think the best advice (as another mother mentioned earlier) is to not stress out about it and MORE THAN ANYTHING, do not let your own stress stress your child out even more. Just love them through it!

Posted at 8:14 PM on Feb 19, 2010 by Anonymous


Hi, Our little boy is 6 a few weeks, a few months ago he had a an infection (discharge from is winky), our doctor prescribed "Fucidin" cream and after a few weeks it went away. Since then he has started to constantly wee. He has been back to the doctors and had a urine sample taken. After the results were returned, the doctor prescribed a weeks course of antibiotics (not sure which ones, now). Another urine sample was taken and the results came back -ve but he is weeing more than ever (at least 40 times a day). He does drink a lot but sometimes when he goes, nothing comes out. So far he does sleep through the night and we will make an appointment with the doctor as soon as the Easter holidays are over. Its a great relief finding these forums, but I still can't help worrying especially as we are going away for a few days next week. One thing, as a child he did suffer a lot with his tonsils, just in case thats relevant. to any other posts. I was wondering if any of the initial commentators had any updates to share with us?

Posted at 11:00 AM on Apr 3, 2010 by Anonymous


Wow, this sounds like what my 4yr old son has. About a week ago he started going to the bathroom a lot. He has a new baby sister but she is now almost 3 months. He loves her to death, so if this is his stress it is a delayed reaction. I've taken him to the doctor and they tested his urine and that was fine. The worst time for him though is at night when he lays down and all he can think about is that he has to go to the bathroom. Tonight he went at least 20 times before he finally fell asleep. Not sure if I can do this for 2 months!! Thanks for the info.

Posted at 8:10 PM on Nov 12, 2008 by Melissa


My son is 5 and is experiencing exactly the same sympotoms as everyone else is. THANK YOU to everyone who has posted, it really helps to know that my son doesen't have some enexplainable illness that won't go away. It's Dec 2008, Ivan has had symptoms for 30 days now. I will post when the problem goes away so that there can be some light at the end of the tunnel for other moms. Ivan has a lot of food allergies; soy, nuts, wheat,eggs, some pollens and issues with some preservatives and food coloring. He's had ear tubes twice. I'm wondering if anyone else had really allergic kids who have pollakiuria. Thanks

Posted at 10:44 AM on Dec 29, 2008 by kathryn


Hi All,
Read this blog about a year ago; it was very comforting to find it My son Ivan was five at the time, had just started kindergarten. He suffered all the symptoms that the other moms had described. We had all the tests done at the doctor's office along with a urologist. Well, it took about nine months and Ivan is okay and does not urinate constantly anymore. I would suggest the following to parents: 1) Don't panic/worry/freak out, this will pass, it's a phase, it really will end. 2) Don't stress out your kid about it. Just let them go as much as they need to, resist complaining or talking about it like it's a problem. 3)THIS IS KEY----- When you are playing with them, gently bring up that they their bodies can hold a lot of urine before they need to pee. Let them know that when they need to pee it will feel like it does when they first get up in the morning and that when they pee it should be a nice, big pee like the one in the morning. This seemed to make something click in my son's brain and help him put things together in his brain.
May God Bless You As You Walk Out This Parenting Thing, Kathryn

Posted at 9:08 PM on Sep 27, 2009 by kathryn


Thank you all moms who posted I feel relieved. My six year son recently started urinating alot but small amounts each time. Has also been dealing with constipation for the first time. It defin. sounds like change in routine/stress. This has started since school has been on break for Christmas. I have had to be medicated various times through my life for anxiety and my own mother too. I can remember anxiety and constant worry starting as a child myself and I feel this could also be playing a role with my son. I know that mental disorders are hereditary. I hate to think my son is going to have to live with anxiety the way I have in my life and never sought help until college. Anyone one else relate? Possibly something to think about also as possible causes.

Posted at 12:08 PM on Dec 31, 2008 by NICOLE


My son too was seen by our doctor this past week for me being worried about frequent urination. He too goes about 25 times a day if not more. My daycare provider found pollukiuria on the internet. I wasn't convinced that it just happens to kids his age, but I guess so. The only change that has happened in this time frame is going on winter break from preschool. I am going to take a log as to how often he goes when we go see the doctor again in 2 weeks if it doesn't clear up. Until then we will hang in there.

Posted at 11:09 AM on Jan 9, 2009 by Missy


My son Avery, who is 5 years old started urinating all of the time about 3 weeks ago. This is about the same time he went back to school & daycare after Christmas break & being home with Dad every day. At night, he goes about every 15-20 minutes, but never goes much. I checked his urine at work & everything was negative. I called his pediatrician & she suggested doing sitz baths 3 times a day for 15 minutes each. I thought this was weird so I came online to check it out & it definitely sounds like he may have pollakiuria. Has anyone else's pediatrician suggest this?

Posted at 3:04 PM on Jan 26, 2009 by Shauna


Like so many others here, I felt such relief when I read all these postings. My five year old has been urinating every five/ten minutes but is otherwise healthy. The urinary infection test at the doctor's was negative and he offered no other explanation even when I talked about recent stressful experiences for my son (he has been punched several times at school - twice in the groin, which made me wonder if there was some physical damage causing the problem).

This is the only reason I can think for him being stressed. Last week he came home with burn marks on his hand where another child had given him what we call here a 'chinese burn' - where you twist the skin in different directions. Seems harsh for a five year old. He is such a trusting, outgoing boy that I don't think he knows how to cope with violence against him.

What is also interesting is that the only mentions of pollakiuria seem to be in the USA, rather than here in the UK. I wonder if the medical profession here recognise it. I am going to see another, more understanding doctor, soon so I will see what he says.

Posted at 7:51 AM on Feb 16, 2009 by Nikki


i'm so glad i found this communication - i too have a 5yr old son who i dx with pollakiuria b/c he did not fit the s/s of dm - i have a daughter with dm - so i know what to look for - plus i simply checked his sugar and it is normal; . his drinking is unchanged, no urination at night - just every 5 min during the day - longer if he is occupied. this happened once before a year ago or so - i could not think of a stressor until read thru the comments - he missed almost 2 weeks of school with the flu and runny nose - then he had a week off for pres week - so maybe it is the school - either nervous to return or the change of being off for so long - u can't help but worry - i too am an RN - so these web sites are comforting

Posted at 8:08 PM on Feb 23, 2009 by kris


Thanks God I have read all your comments, I have a six-year-old boy who is having the same symptoms you have just described. I am not pretty sure about what is causing him such a stress ... he has been with this by a week and today we took him to the urinate test, the results will be available by friday. Have you taken your children to therapy or did this just dissapear by itself?

Posted at 8:23 PM on Feb 25, 2009 by Sandy


I found your blog while trying to find out why my 3-year old son urinates so often, about every 10 minutes, but sometimes even every 2 minutes or so. This has been going on for about a week now.
I too am an RN, and so is my husband. We actually ended up testing his urine just to rule out a UTI or diabetes, of course the urinalysis was negative.
I ended up calling my pediatrician's office and after telling them about the negative results they asked me to watch things for another week and bring him in if this continues. So I started utilizing "Dr. Google" and now I feel so much better about everything. I am not sure exactly what could have triggered this in him. He did go to school for the first time today, but this has started over a week ago. Maybe just hearing about school caused the anxiety...

Posted at 5:21 PM on Mar 3, 2009 by Petra


I am so relieved!!! I just called our good friend, who is also an ER doctor, in absolute panic because I was sure our 4-year-old-son had developed diabetes or worse, bladder cancer. Of course, after our call I went online and found pollakiuria, which completely fit his symptoms. I am still taking him to the doctor tomorrow to be safe, but I'm sure this is what it is. Now I get to stress about what is stressing my son out

Posted at 9:45 PM on Mar 3, 2009 by Amy


Thank goodness for your post!! My 4 1/2 year old for the past few days has been peeing every 10 mins. I flipped out on Thursday and took him to the doctor because I was confident that he had a bladder infection. The tests came back negative but I was so insistent that something was wrong, he agreed to treat it like a bladder infection. He did not have any redness or irratation. He is not complaining either. He also goes to bed at 8pm and sleeps all night with no issues. He's been on the antibiotic for 5 days now and no change.. Even when we were at the doctor, he peed 4 times in 40 mins. I also had a baby - although he is almost 9 months old now. But it was good to see that a stressor could be that it is because the baby is moving around now. He just started crawling last week and is into everything. So, maybe that's it. My son loves the baby, though, and seldom wants to go anywhere without him. Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. It has been very helpful! I am 100% positive that this is what is wrong with my son. :) Thank you soooooooo much.

Posted at 9:52 AM on Apr 20, 2009 by Kristen Bauerlien


Hi, My 4 year old son has developed symptoms that sound like pollukiuria. However,in the past few days he has started to slightly wet his pyjamas or pants,just after emptying his bladder and visibly finishing. Is this a symptom that others have noticed -it doesn't appear to be mentioned in previous posts.

Also while at the GP's recently-i raised the subject of diabetes and asked if the simple non invasive "stick in the urine "that establishes the presence of glucose in the urine would rule out diabetes if negative. The GP said it would and my son's result was negative. However I didnt have a great deal of faith in the GP she was very newly qualified and seemed a little out of her comfort zone. Can any one advise if her advice was correct?

Posted at 2:06 PM on Apr 23, 2009 by Craig Douglas


Hi Laura,

We took our son to a private specialist-after we had obtained blood tests which ruled out any kidney abnormalities...the specialist was very relaxed and made an appointment for an ultrasound but stated that it would probably go away before the ultrasound appointment came about(3 weeks).
Sure enough it did go away...he gave our son a great piece of advice that seemed to work really well-he suggested that my son after he had finished one of his frquent dribbles then counts to ten slowly then gives one final squeese -I am not sure how it worked but we think it contributed hugely to him getting rid of this habit....that advice cost me £120 so hope it works for you;-)

cheers Craig

Posted at 2:12 AM on Jun 24, 2009 by Craig Douglas


Hello. Your situation sounds similar to mine. I have a 4 and a half year old that started this frequent urination about 5 days ago. We ruled out diabetes and UTI. I can think of no obvious stressors either. Leaving the house is awful. Nighttimes are a NIGHTMARE!!! It took me 2 hours to get her to sleep tonight as she is in agony over the need to urinate. She won't lay still, cries (very forcefully) and is exhausted. I don't know how to react to her, let alone cope with her agony over this. I would love some suggestions. I've tried being relaxed, soothing, supportive, forceful, unhappy. As for the red blood cells (have you been checked for the same??) I have a genetic "defect" if you will (not really) that I have passed onto her. I register positive for blood as well. It is completely benign and can not be used as an indicator for a UTI. May be worth looking into.

Posted at 4:39 AM on May 4, 2009 by Foddsie


Hi there, I took my 3 year old to the dr today as she was peeing every 15 minutes, with only a little pee each time. She complained of no pain, even when i asked her. I just thought it had to be a bladder infection or something like that. The doctor ruled out diabeties, though I am still worried. My dr has sent away for further tests, but it is only after I have returned from the dr and found your posts that it sounds exactly what my daughter is suffering from? Only thing is, that we haven't had any changes lately so I am unsure what it could be? We do have a 9 and a half month old baby but she adjusted very well to her arrival and shows no signs of not accepting the baby? Anyway, i just can't wait until the toilet stops stop! I just hope this is what she has and in time all will be back to normal! Thanks to you all for your very useful information! Laura x

Posted at 12:26 AM on Jun 24, 2009 by Laura


Hi Craig, really appreciate your reply, and your tip. I will definitely give the counting to 10 a go and see if that helps. How do I deal with her constantly wanting to go to the toilet, should I try to talk her out of it, or just go with her all the time? As she only just turned 3, she still really likes me going to the toilet with her all the time. Is there any treatment, or any other ways I can help get through this? It is so sad seeing her being stressed about going to the toilet again and again.


Posted at 3:54 AM on Jun 24, 2009 by Laura


Thanks Nikki for your reassurance. I think that is just what I need because no one seems to understand what my daughter (Tyla) is going through. I have been very supportive of her wanting to go to the loo. Only probably with removing the stress is that I have no idea what could be stressing her out? We are a very happy and close family so am at a loss as to what it can be! So I'm just plodding along and trying to make things are normal and happy as possible? The only thing I can think of, it was Tyla's 3rd birthday a few weeks back and she was a little reserved on the day, not her normal happy self. Maybe we 'hyped' up the excitement of her coming birthday party too much and she got stressed about it? Anyway, thank you again for your reassurance, it really does help so much. Laura

Posted at 5:21 PM on Jun 28, 2009 by Laura


I have a 7 year old boy who has been going through something like this since he was 4. I believe it is stress or change to his schedule as it always comes back when there is something happening in our lives. He has had all the test done and they have all come back fine. The one thing we do find in him is his bowel is impacted all the time. The problem I have is the kid goes to the bathroom regular. I do believe this is created by stress. I feel so bad for the little children out there that have so much stress or are so scared about something that this happens.

Posted at 11:50 AM on Jul 20, 2009 by Donna


My 9 yr old son has gone through numerous periods of repeated bathroom trips over the years! Seems like just about when I am about to completely lose my mind from the frustration of the situation, it disappears! I've taken him to the Dr. twice in the past couple of years, but urinalysis was clear each time. He is currently going through this right now and I am SO frustrated! Example- he went to the bathroom before we left the house this afternoon, drove about 15 minutes to a circus at a nearby mall, he had to go. Found our seats, about 20 minutes later, he had to go. ABout 1/2 hour later, he had to go (that time, I told him to hold it!). Circus finished about 15 minutes after that and he went. Drove about 20 minutes to eat dinner, he had to go. Ate dinner, he had to go before we left the restaurant. Now, we've been home for over an hour and he hasn't gone once! At bedtime, he goes, then gets up at least two more times to go again (last night was 4 times) before he falls asleep. Usually waked up at least once during the night to go, too. I guess I'll be calling his Pediatrician in the morning. :(

Posted at 7:12 PM on Aug 6, 2009 by Kris S


my son is 6 for about 3 weeks now i noticed frequent urination. He is overweight for his age. I am so worried it could be an onset of diabetes. However, he has none of the symptoms of diabetes. he's not thirsty he's not loosing any weight. Yes he is rarely active since school let out. School is getting ready to start again new school and no friends so i really do pray it's not diabetes and it is this pollakiuria. He's doctors appt is still 3 weeks out. please pray for him.

Posted at 1:13 PM on Aug 12, 2009 by Elizabeth


My four year old son is having the exact same symptoms as all previous posts. We are on our second spell in a little over a month. My husband and I are worried sick. Could someone advise on pre-school and how teachers should handle this. (we have been through all of the mentioned tests above and he is totally fine physically). Also how long does each episode last on average and recurrence? Thanks to all of you for the helpful info.

Posted at 5:24 PM on Sep 16, 2009 by Brandi


I just stumbled upon this forum while searching for answers--thank you. I'm getting exasperated on what do. My 11 yr. old son suddenly has been experiencing this for the last 3 weeks. He has missed a lot of school because of it. Once he lies down at night to go to sleep, the urinary urgency increases. As a result he's been staying up all night. I had his urine tested twice for infection. Both negative. We were prescribed topical creams in case it's irritation to the urinary opening. Been using those, plus the third time I contacted the pediatrician, he prescribed oral antibiotics, in case it's an infection that wasn't detected. So my son has been taking those as well. He seemed to get better for a few days, now the urgency to urinate is back.
He cannot get to sleep, and he keeps me up all night as well. Started giving him an Advil pm to help him go to sleep. At 4 a.m. this morning, he took another to help him sleep.

He never had this condition in the past.
Yes, he does have stress, just entered middle school and was being bullied, which I had to deal with. I have good communication with the principal and counselor there, not only about dealing with the bullying but in trying to cope with this urinary frequency issue.

He's missed more school.

I'm at a loss on what to do now.

Posted at 10:30 AM on Dec 8, 2009 by Roxane


My 11 year old son suddenly started having this problem for the first time in his life.

Took him to the Pediatrician twice for urine tests, both negative for infection. In an effort to help him Ped. prescribed topical creams for urethral area and finally prescribed an oral antibiotic in case an infection wasn't detected by the urinalysis.

He's missed a lot of school, because he can't sleep. Every time he lies down, problem is worse. He keeps me up all night too. Taking an Advil pm recently to get to sleep--Dr. and Pharm. said OK. He took another last night, because he couldn't sleep. Can't get an appointment with a urologist until January.

Prior to the onset of this condition there were stressors, being bullied at school. Thought I took care of that with the principal and counselor. Still in contact with them over the urinary symptoms.

I'm exasperated and don't know what to do.

Posted at 10:41 AM on Dec 8, 2009 by Roxane


Oh thank you! I am so at a loss. It has been several weeks that we are going through this and I am pulling my hair out. I thought at first I was crazy! My 5 year old daughter has now caused herself a few "fishers" from wiping so much that now it truly does hurt to pee. The UTI came back neg..thank god! Yet, the doctor said he thinks it's this pollakiuria. We are trying to figure out what could be stressing my daughter out, but can't seem to come up with anything. A month ago or so she fell really hard and had to be taken to the ER for a concusion, could the stress of going to the ER caused this? Could she have hurt her bladder? Mary

Posted at 11:11 AM on Jan 5, 2010 by Mary


Thank you so much for this information! Kathryn my son is going in for his second set of tubes and adenoid removal in a few weeks and had MSPI (milk soy protien intollerance) as a baby. Now he is going to the bathroom all of the time and has to have pollakiuria. I could not think of any stress or change in routine he has gone through for I am a stay at home mom but as soon as I read your blog it occured to me that we just told him he has to have tubes put back in his ears! I too have spent nights worrying about him urinating all the time. This is very reasuring!

Posted at 10:56 AM on Jan 23, 2010 by Karrie


Wow...this site is so helpful! My 7 yr. old son has been going through this for 6 mos. now (since he started school). He had a problem with holding his bowels for several mos, but we saw a gastro doctor and had that resolved. Then, all of the sudden, he started having problems with his urine. His teacher came up to me last week and said she has never seen a child pee so much and asked if I have had him tested for diabetes (which really freaked me out!) His urinalysis came back normal. The doc said this is just something some kids go through and they will outgrow it. I never imagined there could be so many weird things kids could go through!

Posted at 5:46 AM on Feb 11, 2010 by Stacey


So glad to find these posts! My 4 1/2 yr old daughter started peeing every 25 - 90 min about 3 wks ago. No UTI or other symptoms but has a hard time falling asleep (mult. potty trips) and wakes most nights and is up for an hour or so trying to get back to sleep. We're a pretty tired family! My question is: When the symptoms go away is it generally sudden (cold turkey from peeing constantly to back to normal) or is it more gradual. I ask because my little one has had two days in a row that were better. Urination less frequent, able to go immediately back to sleep after getting up to pee only once in the night. I don't dare get my hopes up that this could be the beginning of the end. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Posted at 5:49 AM on Mar 22, 2010 by Angela


Is your mother in law Dorothy Christine Liblen? I am doing family history on the Oates family. I am just trying to locate family members. Thanks

Posted at 10:57 PM on Apr 4, 2010 by joan oates wilcox


It's going on almost a week for my 4 yr. old daughter's constant peeing and 2 negative uti/urinalysis tests. The only stressful situation was she a an accident on the floor because she didn't make it to the potty. There was alot of pee because she had just drank 3 big glasses of water. I think it freaked her out. When this first started she was getting extremely frustrated because there was maybe a little drop in her underwear after just going to the potty. She was changing her underwear constantly because she didn't like feeling any wetness. Because of needing to get out of the house, I put her in a pull-up. Now she does not want to get out of them because of the security of it. Most times her pull-up has been dry today so I am hopeful. Even her underwear was dry this morning but she still keep feeling like she needed to go potty & went to the bathroom again. Although she keeps saying she feels a drop of pee in her underwear.
A couple questions...
~Has anyone else used pull-ups & then how did you get them to transition back to underwear? We needed to get out of the house, go to school, etc. & this was the only way she would leave. Now they are her security.
~With this situation, did your child have accidents on the floor which they never had before? With my daughter it seems when she has underwear on, she has had a few accidents over this past week which seems that she can't physically hold it, which makes me & her dr. concerned.
All of this is just so concerning so I really hope it is nothing more serious physically. Her dr. wants to do more tests but not sure I want to do anything really invasive or serious yet although I don't want her suffering or to miss anything.
thanks for any input,
DeAnn, a worried mom

Posted at 3:08 AM on May 1, 2010 by DeAnn


So relieved to find this website and to finally get a diagnosis. My daughter turned 9 in June and the week before her birthday had this urgency to pee constantly (every 5-10 mins) but the strange thing was she slept all night (once she actually did manage to fall asleep). Problem was even so bad we had to cancel birthday party - thats when I knew the problem was "real". Took her to doctors who has prescribed antibiotics but obviously this has not worked as she has no UTI. We are now waiting for an appointment to see paediatrician although from what I've read today this will be no good as condition just seems to clear up itself. Definitely agree that this is caused by stress as my daughter has been having problems with maths at school and I have been trying to get her additional help - this may have caused the added pressure. School holidays have helped in that we don't have any holiday plans and don't need to go anywhere urgently - just as well as going in the car is a nightmare (at least 3 toilet trips before we get out the door and trip cant be longer than 15 mins) - have even thought about getting travel potty but don't know if this would help or hinder situation? She is totally stressed with this and I'm trying to be reassuring but after 5 weeks find this extremely difficult and frustrating. So glad to hear that others have came through this too and keep focusing on the fact that it may be debilitating at the moment but it's not anything serious.

Posted at 5:04 AM on Jul 3, 2010 by Elaine (Scotland)


My 5 and 1/2 year old daughter has been experiencing the same thing decribed in this blog for the past 5 weeks. I'm curious if anyone has found a connection between swimming and a possible reaction to the chlorine in the pool. This seems to have started about mid June, right when we began swimming on an almost daily basis. Thanks!

Posted at 2:08 PM on Jul 28, 2010 by Anonymous


I was so glad to find these posts, quite frankly I'm not sure what I would have done without them. I knew something was very wrong with my child, but had 3 negative UTI's. I brought pollakiuria up to my doctor and I don't think he knew what it was, but rejected it saying he didn't want to diagnose him with a syndrome at this stage. So without diagnosis I'm treating it as this and it seems to have gotten slightly better, although far from normal. My son is 3 and a very happy go lucky guy, it's very hard to see him go through this. We are going on 6 weeks now, some days are better than others. DISTRACTION, has really helped. When we're running errands or playing outside symptoms are a lot less apparent. However, the minute we step in the door he'll have to go 3 times in 15 minutes. I guess what's really hard for me now is discipline, I get scared that I'm going to stress him out more and make his symptoms worse. It's just hard to find a happy medium.

Posted at 7:23 PM on Sep 15, 2010 by Anonymous


Crazy to think that the original blog entry was nearly three years ago and we are still commenting! I too, have a 5 year old daughter that had ALL the same symptoms and I read this blog. I am finally commenting today because all of her symptoms have seemed to resolve. I wasn't ready to comment until I felt confident of this. It is scary. A few things we learned along the way(past month).
1) My doctor continued to check her for a uti even though we were positive it wasn't. With the excessive trips to the bathroom and wiping, she was more likely to get one.
2) They prescribed her pyrdium (sp?) in a liquid form at one point to help the sensation go away. It is really for pain which she did not have, but it did help with the sensation. Note: this drug is really messy...its got a strong dye in it that stained everything.
3) We tried to eliminate all outside stressors-we had just moved so that was probably her trigger. Don't draw attention to it, if possible.
4)The key thing that really brought her to a "diagnosis" was the fact that she was DRY at night. When her brain wasn't thinking, she was fine.
I hope this helps other moms! I will continue to check this every so often.
BTW--she had a really bad couple of days. We just stayed home. She went to the bathroom almost 35x in a two hour span. Crazy!

Posted at 7:23 PM on Sep 15, 2010 by Carey


My son is 9 years old and he is bound for a new school this fall. He is definitely very concerned that he will lose the friends he's made in his current school. Plus, he's very worried about the new bus route that he will be taking. Two weeks before the start of the summer break I noticed that his trips to the bathroom increased. I took him to get checked and the doctor did a urinalysis, a glucose test and ordered an xray of his abdomen. All were negative except the xray. He was initially diagnosed with constipation after the xray revealed a large amount of waste in his colon. He was given a prescription for Miralax but I don't think that's his problem as he continues to urinate every hour if not more frequently. Pollakiuria is the only symptom that makes sense at this point. Why don't more pediatricians know about this condition?

Posted at 7:23 PM on Sep 15, 2010 by Anonymous


Is it recommended for children with Pollakiuria to see a psychiatrist or psychologist? Since the condition is stress-based, does it not make sense to see a mental health specialist. Please let me know if you took your child to see a mental health practitioner and if you can recommend such a specialist in the Fairfax, Virginia area. Thank you.

Posted at 7:23 PM on Sep 15, 2010 by Anonymous


My 3 year old daughter is facing the same problem. She is going to the toilet for a pee atleast 4 times an hour. Although after reading everyone's comment I think it may be pollukiuria, but just to be sure I am taking her to the doctor.

Posted at 7:23 PM on Sep 15, 2010 by Anonymous


My 10 years-old son is going through the same thing. He has to go to the bathroom every time. Sometimes I see him go to the the bathroom, then comes out and 3 or 5 minutes after he has to go again. He is afraid to go outside now and he begs me to stay at home instead of going anywhere else. This problem has lasted for about 1 year and I'm really concern about it. I thought he could have diabetes but the results were negative but this problem still worries me. I am glad I found this blog, because now I see that other children (most of them younger than mine) have the same thing which means that maybe this illness is more common than we (parents) think and I hope this would go away soon! Good luck everybody...

Posted at 9:46 AM on Oct 1, 2010 by Maricella


Recently my son ayden was diagnosed with pollakiuria. I thought it was a uti and was surprised to find out it wasn't. I'm trying to read up on it and learn more about if anyone can help me out maybe share some experiences. Thank you.

Posted at 5:35 PM on Oct 14, 2010 by samantha


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