Tuesday at the dentist

On Tuesday, I took Jack and Tor to the dentist. Jack had his 5-year-old check-up. We were a little late for his 4-year-old check up last year.

I went over what they were going to do: count his teeth, clean his teeth and then polish his teeth. He remembered he had banana split flavored fluoride and cookie dough flavored polish and asked if he could have those again. I told them he could if they still had those flavors. Luckily they did. It was funny because I didn't even remember what flavors he had last year until he told me.

Jack did great. He got right in the chair and they gave him sunglasses because the light was so bright. He held my hand for about the first minute but then was fine. I was so proud of him.

Jack still has 20 teeth and his permanent molars are about to come in, in the back of his mouth. A couple of his bottom front teeth are loose too, so the will probably fall out in the next few months.

Tor did great too. Every time Jack got to spit and rinse, Tor did too. They gave him his own cup and everything. Then when Jack was done they let Tor get in the chair too and they counted his teeth. He only has 19, one of his baby molars hasn't come in yet.

Then the boys got to pick two toys, the timers they always want and Jack got one of those walking teeth toys. He took it to show and tell and it broke. Tor picked a toy car. They also both got to pick toothbrushes. It was really sweet that they included Tor in everything too.



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My dentist has them come in for the first time when they are 3-years-old and at that visit they don't really do anything but get used to the chair, how to spit in the sink and having the dentist count their teeth with the scraper thing.

The 4-year-old visit is when they actually start to clean his teeth and polish them.

I also took Jack with me to my dentist visits (and Tor too, but one at a time) so he would get used to going there (same place).

Once when Jack was little he sat on my lap while they cleaned my teeth. He liked that, it was a little uncomfortable for me :). Jack has done a lot, he has also been with me when I have had to have blood drawn and when I have had ultrasounds. And of course he give me my insulin shots a few times a week too.

Check with your dentist and see if they have a kids room. If not they have lots of dentists that specialize in just kids and have tv's in the rooms and everything.

Posted at 10:22 AM on Mar 10, 2008 by Niki Alvey


Yeah Tor loves to do anything Jack does, so that is a huge help.

Funny when I went to a specialist for my root canal, they gave me glasses, but my regular dentist doesn't.

Posted at 10:24 AM on Mar 10, 2008 by Niki Alvey


So did they clean Tor's teeth, too, or just count them? I've been wondering about taking James to the dentist, but didn't know when I was supposed to go. If it's anything like getting his hair cut, he'll be a teenager before that happens. (And I'm going to be the only mom with a boy who's hair is longer than all the girls hair in the classroom. He REFUSES to get it cut.)

Posted at 6:44 AM on Mar 10, 2008 by Maggie Roe


That's a slick benefit of being the younger brother...you get to practice big-brother stuff. When it's the real deal, he will be all ready to go! I wish I had sunglasses at my dentist visit - very cool! Jack looks way relaxed, like he's in for a spa treatment! Yummy flavors, too. Clearly, the dentist visit is a pleasant experience if he mainly remembers the flavors.

Posted at 9:41 PM on Mar 9, 2008 by Dorie


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