Liv is not ready to come out yet

I saw the doctor today. I was originally scheduled to have an induction or a c-section on Monday the 24th but Liv isn't ready to come out yet. She must be very comfortable inside me. I am not really all that comfortable, but that is beside the point :). My cervix isn't ready to have a baby pushed through it so we rescheduled her birth for the following Monday, the 31st.

I didn't gain any weight this past week but he didn't measure Liv this time. We looked at her and took some 3-D images of her that I will post when Brian scans them. I go back on Tuesday morning and they will recheck my cervix and weigh her. He still is optimistic about her coming on her own before the following Monday. He estimates that she will be a little over 9lbs when she is born. Even though she is big, he would prefer I deliver her vaginally rather than by c-section. He reminded me I pushed out Tor and he was 9lbs, not that I needed reminding. Fun :).


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Maybe this would be a good week to try visiting the Greek restaurant again...or nice long walks in the park...or both! With this delay, you'll be able to sample a *little* chocolate tomorrow? :)

Posted at 1:05 PM on Mar 22, 2008 by Dorie


Well,now you'll be "on call". Hope you don't have to wait another whole week.
Happy Easter!!!

Posted at 2:28 PM on Mar 22, 2008 by Pat West


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