Baptism & Blaze

We had a busy weekend. On Saturday Liv was baptized. She was wonderful. We had a really nice reception here at the house after. It was a great day. Then on Sunday evening we went to Blaze like we did last year. Brian and Liv went for the first time. We had so much fun.

We also ate well this weekend. We took Liv's Nona Eleni to Niko's on Friday night and to Lefteris Gyro II on Sunday. It was nice to have Greek food twice this weekend. We had Liv's reception catered to by our local pizzeria (lemon chicken, penne ala vodka etc.) and got her cake at Lulu's. It was yummy.

It was really sad not to have my mom at the baptism, I missed her a lot and did my best not to cry, but of course I did. My friends were great. They were all so helpful. Eating at the Greek Restaurants with my cousin Eleni really made me think about my Mom too. She had been to both places and liked them. They made their dishes like she and my Yiayia did. Everything tasted like home, it was nice.


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It was a great day and a great family weekend, but your mother and the rest of your family not being there was impossible to not think about. It was great to spend time with Eleni though.

Posted at 12:34 PM on Oct 20, 2008 by Brian Alvey


check out flickr

Posted at 10:39 PM on Oct 21, 2008 by Niki Alvey


I hope we'll get to see some baptism pictures soon! (HINT!)

Posted at 5:03 PM on Oct 20, 2008 by Jo


Thanks! What a beautiful baby she is! All the photos are great. Thanks for sharing.

Posted at 3:48 AM on Oct 22, 2008 by Jo


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