I miss my mom/made Vasilopita today

Today we made Vasalopita, Greek New Year's Bread. Jack and Tor helped this year just like they did last year. I used my mom's recipe and I thought of her the whole time. I used to make it with my Yiayia and my mom when I was growing up and then just with my mom.

New Years is a pretty big deal in the Greek culture and Vasilopita plays a really big part in it. At one point today something went amiss and I wanted to call my mom to ask her how to fix it. I told Brian who was watching us and holding Liv and Jack answered, "But you can't call her because your fingers are covered in dough, right?" Funny. I fixed it myself though. She did teach me how to cook well :). She was an excellent cook, so was my Yiayia.

Christmas was hard this year too without my Mom. It was Liv's first Christmas so that made it really nice though. Everything this year was bittersweet -- like dark chocolate, which my mom loved and I don't like at all :). Thank God I had Liv. She made this year so much better. The boys and Brian did too of course but Liv being born shortly after my mom died really shifted my focus in a good way.


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Thanks Eleni. Mom took yiayia's recipe and adapted it for a bread machine. Now all you have to do is add the ingredients to the bread machine and it does all the mixing, kneading and rising for you. Takes about an hour and a half. Then you punch the dough down, cut the dough into pieces, twit them, roll them up, add sesame and bake them.

I'll send you the recipe. I bet RJ would have as much fun as Jack and Tor.

Posted at 8:39 AM on Jan 1, 2009 by Niki Alvey


Could you email me the Vasilopita recipe for the Bread Machine.
I've looked all over and can't find one
Thank you.

Posted at 3:07 PM on Dec 31, 2010 by Joan


Niki-you did a beautiful job -your mom and yiaya would be so proud...now I have to learn... xoxox eleni

Posted at 8:05 AM on Jan 1, 2009 by Anonymous


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