Alvey Christmas Picture 2010 continued

As I said before, we always take our Christmas Picture on Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving was relatively warm in NY this year so we had a great time at the parade. We went back to the apartment after the parade and had a Whole Foods Thanksgiving feast. It was really good. That evening we walked around and found a nice pizza place.

The Friday after Thanksgiving was very cold. We walked around a lot and then Tor and I went to the Disney Store for Black Friday specials while Brian took Livi and Jack back to the apartment. Then we saw the afternoon showing of Wintuk. It was a lot of fun. The kids LOVED it. Livi fell asleep after intermission so after the show Brian took her back to the apartment and got on a conference call for work. I took the boys to see Tangled in 3D. We really enjoyed it. Brian and Livi met us for dinner at Chevy's which was attached to the theater on 34th and it was an awful dinner. It is a Tex-Mex place but they use oregano instead of cilantro. Yuck.

The next day I took Jack to his friend Samantha's birthday party back here in Westchester (he was the only boy invited from his class) and Brian took Tor and Liv to the Children's Museum of Manhattan. I drove back and picked them up and we had a nice dinner at the apartment.

Sunday morning was very cold but it was a beautiful sunny day. We took the kids to the 9/11 memorial garden next to his apartment building to take our Christmas picture. We took about 20 pictures to get this picture. Livi wouldn't smile so Brian stood on a bench and pretended to surf and wipe out. She thought that was really funny and smiled and we got our picture and the kids got their coats back on :).


This is the front of our 2010 Christmas Card


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